Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies


The game allows two to four-player co-op multiplayer, and, as a new addition to the iOS platform, voice chat and another new feature to crouch (which was not in the previous World at War: Zombies game) and full prone which is a first for all iOS first person shooters. The first map to be released was Kino Der Toten. Dead Ops Arcade has also been fully transformed to the iOS platform, with 50 levels, and the player is able to select and play as one the four characters from the console version, which are Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Doctor Edward Richtofen, as well as the four random characters from Dead Ops Arcade and a “rookie” soldier in the tutorial. Activision has also stated that further map packs will be released in the near future, free of charge, and Ascension was listed as coming soon in the map selection, while Call of the Dead’s name was seen briefly after that. Both of these maps have been released.
Kino Der Toten is much like its console/PC counterparts with the exception that its central stairway has been changed to two ramps that go in two directions and meet back up and no sniper rifles of any sort in the mystery box. All doors, perks and weapons cost the same amount of points as on console/PC.
An update (1.1.0) on February 2 added the Ray Gun, Monkey Bomb, and the SPAS-12. It also added a feature to continue your previous game (on Solo), as well as fixing some bugs. Also now on the game center score boards, there are tabs to look at Ascension scores.
On March 15, a new update (1.2.0) was released. Ascension was introduced along with the Thunder Gun, Matryoshka Dolls and The Gersch Device. Also included was the ability for the monkeys to steal your perks in the monkey rounds.
On July 19, The update 1.3.0 included the map Call of the Dead: The Director’s Cut. The characters have been changed to Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Doctor Edward Richtofen instead of the ones in the console/PC version of the map. This update also featured minor bug fixes.
On November 12, The update 1.4.0 allowed the Crossbow to become available from the Mystery Box, along with new attachments such as the Tri-bolt, ACOG Sight, and Fast Mag.
There are five perks on Kino der Toten, Juggernog (improves health), Quick Revive (Solo: revive yourself, Multiplayer: revive others faster), Speed Cola (faster reload and barrier build), Double Tap (weapon fires 2x fast), and Mule Kick (have three weapons instead of two). A variety of other perks are in other maps such at PHD Flopper (damage near zombies upon diving to prone and resistance to explosive damage.)
“Pack-A-Punch”” is also available which increases the power of the weapon, in some cases gives the weapon a precision sight, and extends the amount of ammo.
It is currently unknown if the rest of the maps will be released (Five, Shangri-La, Moon) on iOS.

Requiere android 2.2 o superior.

1-Descargar y Descomprimir los DATOS
2-Mover la carpeta “com.atv.blackops” a la ruta “Sdcard/Android/Obb”
3-Instalar el APK.
4-Desactiva el internet e inicia el juego.




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