*** in Gold festival held ***
* Login campaign
Cactuar (? 4), Gold Sword (? 5)
It is get a chance!
* GW limited Orb Dungeon
Orb If now, experience value, Gill is crunch!
and become stronger chance!
*** held until May 11 ***
~ I know servants. All of the story … ~
Nostalgia of the story, battle, sound …
RPG fight in Final Fantasy of the storage world
* Final Fantasy record keeper *
*** story ***
Kingdom there and boasts the glory by the magic and the art of harmony.
It handed down from generation to generation in this kingdom
There was one of legend.
“Memory” of great story,
It is what bring order and stability.
Clash of the big bridge, Zanarkand …
“Memory” of the various battles of warriors.
Kingdom sealed a “memory” of the great stories in the “painting”
We’ve been for generations patron to order protect the well-being of the world.
But ……
*** characters ***
Original character of the draw down Tetsuya Nomura
¦ Desi
Protagonist of this work.
The challenge in the battle of recollection in order to regain a “memory”.
¦ Dr. Mog
It is also a teacher disciples, and the top of the history Ministry.
It supports his disciples in various situations.
¦ Sid
Doctor of Engineering that is familiar with the equipment and ability.
It supports his disciples together with Dr. Mog.
*** game content ***
¦ to relive the FF series of scenario
Let’s tapping into the storage world that have been sealed in the “painting”!
¦ gathered successive characters in dot picture
Cecil, Butts, cloud, Lightning …
Series character beyond the the fellow!
Let’s psyched to fight with your favorite party!
¦ In nostalgic, new battle system
Combat series familiar active time battle
Let’s experience the optimized ATB to smartphone!
¦ powerful summon beast also appeared one after another
Bahamut, Leviathan, Odin …
Let advantageously Susumeyo combat a powerful summon beast!
Final Fantasy, again.
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[Compatible models]
¦ Supported OS
Android2.3 or more
* also in the corresponding OS or more terminals, there is some non-compliant terminal.
¦ Recommended environment
Android4.0 later, more than RAM2GB
* even more than the recommended environment of the terminal, there is some non-recommended and non-compatible handsets.

Requiere Android: 2.3 y versiones superiores

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