Cross DJ Pro Android apk v3.0.6 (MEGA)

Cross DJ Pro Android apk v3.0.6 (MEGA)

Cross DJ Pro Android apk v3.0.6 (MEGA)


The first expert DJ application on Android. Blend impeccably synchronized tracks with excellent sound execution. Created by Mixvibes, maker of expert DJ projects and applications for a long time.


– Accurate bpm recognition.
– Ableton Link: extemporize in a completely synchronized manner with different applications good with Link (Remixlive or another Cross DJ Pro, among others) or with Ableton Live.
– Button synchronize: with a push of a catch, the tracks dependably stay to the compass
– Pitch and pitch twist manuals
– Manual and adjustable pitch go (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%)
– Parallel waveform mode to outwardly watch that your subjects are synchronized
– Set the ace time to guarantee that the old subjects are synchronized accurately
– New quantize usefulness: hot signals and circles are naturally to the beat
– Smart Search: with a finger weight on the waveform you can rapidly progress and bounce easily regarding the matter
– Automix: let Cross DJ blend your tracks and play music consequently from any source (playlist, collection, and so on.)
– Split Mono: review your music tracks before blending them
– External blender: control the EQs and the crossfader with physical blenders
– Low inactivity: music in a flash responds to your activities
– Very sensible scratch sound
– Live recording and high caliber of your blends
– Key recognition: this capacity identifies the music key of the tunes and finds which tracks will sound better together
– Keylock mode: adjust the BPM without influencing the tone
– Autogain: consequently evens out the 2-track level
– MIDI controllers bolstered: Pioneer DDJ-SB and DDJ-WeGO2, U-Mix Control 1 and 2, U-Mix Control Pro 1 and 2, Gemini Mix2Go.
– 2 virtual dishes, crossfader, full blender with 3-band EQ
– Sampler: 72 tests + 12 select circle tests, synchronized with the primary player
– Music player perfect with MP3s, AAC, FLAC and numerous others
– Order your music library by title, artist, collection, BPM or length
– Ability to record and play your own particular examples
– XY impact cushion, 16 hot prompts cushions
– Large catches, advanced for use on little screens
– Mix SoundCloud: investigate, play and blend all SoundCloud
– Large waveform see: scratch and view the music + exact prompts settings
– Folder route
– Separate tabs: split them to show diverse boards on every side
– Portrait mode: just a substantial player
– You can change the shade of every deck: blue, orange, red, yellow, green, purple, pink
– Optimized for portable and tablets
– Optimized for Intel processors

Tamaño: 18 MB
versión: 3.0.6
Idioma: Multi idioma

Requiere Android: 2.3 y versiones superiores

Instalar apk y listo a disfrutar!!!



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