Hello stranger! 2 Android apk v1.11 (MEGA)

Hello stranger! 2 Android apk v1.11 (MEGA)


Today, you got a few new messages from an obscure contact in your emissary. She says her name is Alice and she’s been hijacked. Who is she? Where did she originate from? What happened in all actuality and why do you need to help her? An excessive number of inquiries and no answers. Is it only a tired joke of your companions, an extortion endeavor or possibly this young lady truly needs your assistance? You choose yourself. Be that as it may, recall that, someone’s life relies on upon your choices. It appears as though it’s an ideal opportunity to discover what happened to that young lady in all actuality.


Tamaño: 35 mb
version: 1.11
Idioma: Ingles

Requiere Android: 2.3.3 y versiones superiores

Instalar apk y listo a jugar!!!




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