Space Grunts Android apk v1.2 (MEGA)

Space Grunts Android apk v1.2 (MEGA)


The year 2476, Earth’s space-alliance has been building moon-bases over the system. One of those moon-bases has been sending a misery signal. Space Grunts are a gathering of intergalactic “issue” solvers, sent to examine.

You play one, out of a group, of Space Grunts, and your main goal is straightforward: discover your way into the moon-base, and make sense of what has happened. You’ll need to battle your way through outsiders, robots, security automatons and base-frameworks. Locate the lower levels of the moon-base, and get to the center of the issues.

Tamaño: 14 mb
version: 1.2
Idioma: Ingles

Requiere Android: 2.3 y versiones superiores

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