The King of Triads Android apk v1.2 (MEGA)

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The King of Triads Android apk v1.2 (MEGA)

The King of Triads Android apk v1.2 (MEGA)


20 years since Barcode Knight. New idea dream sports diversion has come,
Set your own group and win at The King of Triads.

The 328th year of Barcodia,  80 years of war with the beasts have completed lastly the kingdom finds a sense of contentment.
Be that as it may, dependable war makes individuals depleted and they couldn’t appreciate the peace. Warriors lose their employments all of sudden.  In this way, government has group battling sports ‘The King of Triads’ to excite individuals as well as to save the warriors from the unemployment.

* Fantasy battling sports that principle characters frame a group to battle as 3 on 3.
* Avatar framework that progressions into 500,000 distinctive styles with preparing every thing.
* Strategic group settings and proper strategy are required to win.
* Story lines that surface with more than 20 sorts of occasion scenes.
* Battle with more than 1000 adversary groups in more than 10 sorts of classes.
* PVP style to have a fight with a group from different clients.
* Tournament coordinate that can go to at regular intervals.
* Item change framework through a manufacture.
* Forge speculation framework to create better Items.

Tamaño: 22 mb
version: 1.2
Idioma: Ingles

Requiere Android: 4.0 y versiones superiores

Instalar apk y listo a jugar!!!

APK Normal: HERE

APK Normal: HERE

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